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Route NAG2: New Ash Green to St Georges School

Route NAG2 Map

From 10th January 2020
£3.60 Single / £6.00 return

New Ash Green – Longfield - Mayfield Girls Grammar – St Georges SchoolSt Georges School - Mayfield Girls Grammar – Longfield – New Ash Green
Monday to Friday (School Days Only)Monday to Friday (School Days Only)Note 1Note 2
New Ash Green, adj Lambardes07:25St Georges School, Wrotham Road, Dennis Road15:25-
New Ash Green, adj Redhill Wood07:27Gravesend Train station15:30-
New Ash Green, adj Bowes Wood07:29Northfleet, outside Mayfield School for Girls15:3214:05
New Ash Green, adj Westfield07:31Southfleet, opp Red Street Bus Stop15:4214:09
New Ash Green, Olivers Mill07:34New Barn, Longfield Ave16:0014:11
Hartley, St Johns Lane07:37New Barn, Fairlight Cross16:0114:13
Hartley, opp Cherry Trees07:40Longfield, adj Langafel School16:0114:15
Wellfield, Ash Road07:42Longfield, outside Longfield Academy16:0214:17
Longfield Church07:45Longfield Church16:0414:19
Longfield, outside Longfield Academy07:46Wellfield, Ash Road16:0714:22
Longfield, adj Langafel School07:49Hartley, opp Cherry Trees16:1114:25
New Barn, Fairlight Cross07:51Hartley, St Johns Lane16:1314:27
New Barn, Longfield Ave07:52New Ash Green, Olivers Mill16:1714:30
Southfleet, opp Red Street Bus Stop07:52New Ash Green, adj Foxbury16:1814:31
Northfleet, outside Mayfield School for Girls07:56New Ash Green, adj Lambardes16:1914:33
Gravesend, Darnley Road08:04New Ash Green, adj Redhill Wood16:2014:35
St Georges School, Wrotham Road, Dennis Road08:14New Ash Green, adj Bowes Wood16:2114:37
New Ash Green, adj Westfield16:2214:38
New Ash Green, adj Redhill Wood Road & Ash Road16:2414:39
Please note that this bus service stops at all stops that are requested.
Note 1: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday
Note 2: Friday Only

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